Eternity looks more like a sci-fi movie than a superhero



Eternity looks more like a sci-fi movie than a superhero

According to producer Nate Moore, Eternals looks more like a sci-fi movie than another superhero project.

Get ready: a new Marvel sensation is coming to screens soon. You already benefit from excellent reviews, eternal It may be on the heels of global box office summits. Supported by a 5-star team (hello Angelina Jolie) and strong social messages, this project is supposed to surprise more than one project.. The film follows in the footsteps of a group of cosmic beings responsible for protecting our planet. But they will have to react quickly to their actions after various disasters. On paper, we find all the clichés of Marvel. However, the producer assures that this film leans more towards a science fiction project.

The Eternal: The Classic Future of Science Fiction? – Credit: Marvel Studios

In a recent interview, Nate Moore explained how eternal Located in a new world. New phrases herald a great movie!

Eternal: Should you have a new sci-fi movie?

“When we do a new project, we always think of genres that we haven’t yet explored. Immortality is a fun topic to deal with, but it’s also a tough science fiction topic. We didn’t want it to look more like a superhero movie. It seemed like the most consistent path to start our post-Avengers era. ” Explain the product.

eternal So that should give MCU specific codes a big boost.. shang shi His voice had already opened, approaching martial arts and distilling sequences richer in emotions. We can only agree with Marvel. It seems that the studio wants to constantly renew itself so that the public does not get bored.. Even as we find out what makes the line comical, the movie seems to be taking a more interesting turn. Feige also promises a completely new and immersive experience.

Passion: the adjective that best describes ambition eternal. The score will soon fall in dark rooms. And everything makes your mouth water with anger. Although many other projects have been delayed, eternal Should satisfy more than one!

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