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Teenagers are a special demographic when it comes to reading. Most teens don’t just read the light-hearted, dramatic books that teenage girls tend to enjoy, which can turn many young boys away from reading. The good news is that many sci-fi books can be just what teens need to get back into reading.

Encourage your teen to explore the library for exciting new titles, but in the meantime, some of your recommendations might pique their curiosity. Warning: these books are so interesting that your child may forget to do their homework. If this happens, buy essay essays and don’t worry about his grades.

science fiction series

The Hunger Games Series, Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins is one of the most popular sci-fi titles, and your teen will be captivated by the hand-to-hand combat as the characters fight to the death to win a contest that pits them against 11 others children. Fantasy aspects, such as killer bees and magical plants, add depth and interest to the series.

The Star Chase series, Saxon Andrew

The Star Chase series, by Saxon Andrew, is sure to appeal to your child. The books are set 1,000 years in the future after humans have moved from planet Earth into the galaxy. Endearing characters battle evil and powerful enemies who fight to protect their way of life.

Luke Bowman’s Earthfire Series

Teenagers can also enjoy Luke Bowman’s Earthfire series. The books are set in the future and depict an apocalyptic war on Earth, which has been destroyed by overexploitation, population explosion, and food and water shortages. Humans fight alongside drones, cyborgs and androids to prevent the end of the world and restore Earth to its original state.

Standalone titles

“The House of the Scorpion”, Nancy Farmer

If your teen is into the medical side of science fiction, they might like Nancy Farmer’s “The Scorpion House.” The main character, Matteo, was impregnated in a petri dish and grew up in the belly of a cow, leading others to believe he was a monster. The book focuses on Matteo’s struggle to survive and outsmart his enemies.

“Things You Can’t See”, Andrew Clements

Begins, when a 15-year-old wakes up realizing he’s invisible. Bobby is considered a lost person until he meets a blind girl whom he trusts as he struggles to figure out how to become visible again.

“Be Cooler”, Ned Vizzini

Teenagers can appreciate the somewhat realistic world of “be cooler” by Ned Vizzini. Jeremy, the main character, is a somewhat nerdy teenager who aspires to be interesting enough to have a date with the beautiful Christine. One day, he discovers a small computer that he can swallow and will change appearance and image for that of someone “cool”.


“War of the Worlds”, H. G. Wells

“War of the Worlds,” which is also a movie, is a classic sci-fi book that most teens might enjoy. When aliens arrive on Earth, humans are in a race against time to save their planet and protect themselves from becoming enslaved by aliens.

“A shortcut in time”, Madeleine L’Engle

This is another classic sci-fi novel. The book explores the world of time travel with Meg and Charles searching outer space trying to find their lost father while trying to defeat the evil forces that haunt them.

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”, Phillip K. Dick

Classic, you won’t want your teen to miss out on. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear disaster. Rick Deckard, the main character, must fight John Isadore and his legion of androids. Along with entertaining action and plot twists, the book also explores the differences between humans and robotic machines.

Other interesting titles

“The Dark Side of Nowhere”, Neal Shusterman

It follows Jason’s story once he finds out he’s not human after all. Instead, Jason is the son of aliens and must learn to live in a world where his friends train for super secret space missions and where he is a hero.

“Interstellar Pig”, William Sleator

Another alien-inspired book is “Interstellar Pig” by William Sleator. Three young adults rent a cabin and befriend a young boy named Barney. As the story progresses, Barnsey realizes that the three are actually aliens and that the board game they taught him to play is about to come true. Soon, Barney is tasked with saving Earth from evil alien invaders.

“Rats”, Paul Zindel

To scare, teenagers can enjoy “Rats” by Paul Zindel. Mutant rats invade the city, and as they grow and mutate, they cause more and more damage. When the rats eat a garbage man, Sarah and her younger brother must fend for themselves while their father tries to figure out what’s causing the mutations so the rats can be stopped.

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