Welcome to our annual summer fiction series



Fiction can often be a way to explore a place in a way that non-fiction cannot. So, for the past six years, we’ve asked writers to contribute extremely short stories — all under 1,000 words, some as short as 150 — set in and around Dallas. That’s pretty much all the restrictions we put on writers. Everything else is usually up to them, although we’ve added an extra prompt in recent years. Last time, for example, we asked participants to choose from a list of episode titles from the original dallas series to use as the title (and perhaps inspiration) for their story.

This time we doubled down on the idea of ​​place. I asked the writers to pick a location from a list we put together as a team, and then use that location in their stories. I was surprised that some of the more iconic spots didn’t come first and some weren’t chosen at all. But I wasn’t surprised by the quality of the stories that came back. I never am.

We’ll be streaming the stories, which appear in our July issue, every day for the next two weeks. We start with Deep Vellum poetry editor Sebastián H. Páramo”The field trip.“All stories will be hosted hereso feel free to bookmark.


Zac, editor-in-chief of Magazine D, wrote about the explosion in West, Texas; legendary country singer Charley Pride; Tony…

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