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The massive blackout we all suffered for 12 hours a few months ago was not caused by a falling tree. Say who? Union leaders? Have we all fallen into the trap of this convenient lie? How did the tree know exactly where to fall? My review is, as usual, unsolicited and unpaid.

Last weekend, opportunistic vandals failed/could not seek to steal TSTT’s fiber optic and copper cables from a major telecommunications thoroughfare in Cross Crossing, San Fernando. They must have been employees of TSTT.

What copper thief will know exactly where you could interrupt the mobile, fixed Internet and cable service of tens of thousands of customers throughout the country? We’re not talking about raiding someone’s avocado tree. They had to be TSTT skilled workers. This is the unpleasant part. Skilled thieves who know how not to electrocute themselves.

Is it possible or probable that these men were following instructions?

Union leaders are now resorting to low and dirty tactics to spill the blood of the financial stone, the personnel manager.

We live in T&T, a country where personal image carries more weight than anywhere else in the world. In my disrespectful opinion, the image of work has never been so low. Why all this ignorant and selfish behavior at the expense of the public? Why should demanding higher salaries include damaging the country’s image and inconveniencing customers?

What foreign investor will want to deal with a workforce led by a handful of men who seem to be closed-minded and fashioned in stone, not skin and bones?

Consider the obscenity of the recent disgusting demonstration at Piarco with two out of 15 immigration officers showing up for work. A traveler could have had a heart attack and died while waiting long hours for service. We are not in 1937. We are in 2022.

The image of the T&T labor movement, two world wars, the problems of Northern Ireland, the war in Vietnam, an ongoing war in Ukraine, and surrounded by a pandemic, is supposed to be better informed. More mature.

Living in today’s T&T is like living in a science fiction movie. Our world is taken over by thousands of working robots that have no independent thought. Taxpayers must be trampled if we demand good service for hard-earned money.

Workbots are steered by extra-large bots that, most importantly, each have a switch in their headspace. This switch can only read On or Off.

Lynette Joseph

Diego Martin

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