The Walking Dead Creator will present a new CODE sci-fi series


Robert Kirkman, Creator of Famous The Walking Dead Series, Teams Up With Artist Jason Howard To Bring Readers New Title Skybound CODE

Robert Kirkman, creator of The walking dead, will team up with artist Jason Howard to bring readers CODED, a new sci-fi property that debuts in issue five of X bound to the sky, a special anthology book created to commemorate the Toward the sky tenth anniversary of the imprint. The book will go on sale in print and digital version on August 4.

After making a name for himself as a writer at Marvel Comics, Robert Kirkman helped create two different titles that would help bring comics to the mainstream: The walking dead and Invincible. Both of these titles were critically acclaimed bestsellers and both have been successfully adapted for other media. Based on the strength of these two titles, Kirkman turned to material owned exclusively by the creators, creating the Skybound imprint at Image Comics. Skybound would continue to publish titles such as Ultramega, Song of oblivion, and Banned. 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the imprint, and to commemorate a new anthology, X bound to the sky, has been commissioned and the fifth issue will feature a brand new property, titled CODED, created by Kirkman and Jason Howard, who previously worked together on the title Skybound The amazing wolf man.

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Image released more details on the new series, including preview art. Set in the distant future, humanity weaves its way into a world described as a “technological hellish landscape”. Divided into six warring factions, mankind with the help of special devices called Combat Orb Defense Engines, or CODE Representatives of different factions, called “orb-wielders”, must unite to save the world from an enemy who has almost conquered Earth already. The press release also gave readers a preview of David Finch’s cover as well as a look at character design. Kirkman and Howard have expressed their enthusiasm for the project; Kirkman called it “ambitious” and said it blended various genres into “one great, overpowered epic”.

To the sky, CODE

Kirkman felt it was the perfect cornerstone for the Skybounds 10e birthday. Likewise, Howard was thrilled to reunite with Kirkman, saying, “It was a blast to reunite with Robert on a new project, we share a ton of comic book DNA and CODE is the offspring of that DNA that has only done so much. pump iron and get awesome in an attempt to be worthy of your love! “

Skybound had two runs on the run The walking dead and Invincible; both have appeared on bestseller lists and both have been adapted for hit TV shows. Skybound has hosted a host of quality titles since its inception a decade ago, and CODED looks set to be another success in the making for the imprint. Kirkman and Howard’s passion for the project is clear as the two, in their words, share the same “comic book DNA”, and this will show in CODED

Robert Kirkman is a hit-maker in the comic book industry, having helped create the landmark The walking dead franchise and now he’s ready to deliver his next hit: CODED, debuts in Toward the sky X 5, on sale in August.

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