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Peninsula Press will begin publishing book-length non-fiction essays, launching in the fall with a collection by American scholar and poet Emily Ogden.

The new titles will be longer than those in Peninsula’s Pocket Essay series, which includes books such as Exposure by Olivia Sudjic and Father issues by Katherine Angel, although this series continues alongside these feature films.

The new series begins in September with Not Knowing: How to Love and Other Essays, a suite of Ogden’s personal pieces. British Commonwealth rights were acquired by co-director Will Rees directly from Lucina Schell of the University of Chicago Press.

Rees said: “Emily is a rare thing: a talented stylist who is also an exceptional thinker. Not knowing she makes a virtue of the paradox of trying to “know” what, by definition, must remain unknowable, and her book offers both a convincing argument and a perfect example of the value of these rich and fleeting pleasures. We are delighted to bring this wonderful book to UK readers.”

Ogden’s title will be followed by Fairs by first author and scholar Sam Johnson-Schlee, published November 2022. Worldwide rights were acquired by Rees from Imogen Morrell at Greene & Heaton.

Fairs It’s as if Walter Benjamin wrote not about 19th-century Parisian arcades, but about the 21st-century British suburban home,” Rees said. “Sam’s writing is moving and sweeping, almost absurdly expansive in its conceptual and emotional range. In the space of a few pages, he oscillates between the colonial history of indoor plants, the acerbic critique of contemporary rentier capitalism and the Proustian reminiscence of summers spent in the self-built bungalow of his grandparents. We couldn’t be happier to have found this talented new writer and welcome him to Peninsula Press.”

The covers for the first two books were designed by Tom Etherington, formerly of Penguin Press. The cover for Not knowing was featured in To print magazine.

More titles will follow in 2023 and beyond.

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