The Bookseller – Rights – Farshore kicks off with Katie and Kevin Tsang’s ‘funny and adventurous’ fiction series



Farshore has picked up a new “funny and adventurous” fiction series from Katie and Kevin Tsang.

Liz Bankes, Editorial Director, has signed the worldwide rights to three books in Claire Wilson’s Space Blasters series to RCW Literary Agency.

Launch with Space Blasters: Suzie Saves the Universe! set in August 2022, the series follows nine-year-old Suzie Wen, who loves gadgets, inventing things — and most importantly, space. When Suzie accidentally teleports to her favorite TV show called Space Blasters, she joins the Space Blasters crew on an intergalactic adventure filled with aliens, starships and unusual planets – like the very stinky Planet Cheddar. But when the planets begin to slip out of orbit and their inhabitants are all mysteriously asleep, can Suzie put her wits and inventive skills to the test and save the universe?

Space Blasters will combine humor with space facts and pages from Suzie Wen’s Inventor’s Notebook, promoting STEM themes and inviting non-fiction fans as well as fiction enthusiasts. It will be heavily illustrated by Amy Nguyen, the illustrator of Greg James and Chris Smith’s The Great Dream Flight (Puffins). Senior designer Ryan Hammond commissioned illustrations from the Lemonade Illustration Agency.

Kevin Tsang said, “I’ve always been fascinated by space and this is exactly the kind of book I would have liked when I was younger! We had so much fun letting our imaginations run wild to create all kinds of fun and wacky planets for Suzie to explore.

Bankes said: “For an offbeat pair of talented authors, it’s only fitting that Katie and Kevin take on the entire universe in their fantastic new youth fiction series! As we know from Sam Wu’s brilliantly funny and accessible books, Katie and Kevin know exactly what motivates young readers – and we can’t wait for kids everywhere to get on board with the team of Suzie and Space Blasters and join the adventure! ”

Wilson commented, “It’s been a privilege to see how Katie and Kevin’s irresistible books turn kids into readers, and it’s a joy to think of all the many new book lovers the Space Blasters team will create.” I can’t wait to see this funny, adventurous and heartwarming series released into the world.

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