The 16 best fiction books of 2021 | New novels



2020 has been filled with screens. We watched TV shows endlessly, even the bad ones (could I remind you Too hot to handle it and King tiger?) We sat in front of our computers, hastily sending emails and messages to our colleagues. We’ve had Zoom calls for all occasions and meetings, even those that most certainly could have been an email. And yes, we scrolled through fate. If we’ve ever needed an excuse to indulge in a great book (we don’t have one!), 2021 is the time. Fortunately, this year is full of page turners, must reads, and novels that will hurt you because of effortless fancy sentence structure (just me?). That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite New Year’s fiction picks. If it’s out now, hang your copy; if not, be prepared to pre-order.

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