Tara C. Allred releases new sci-fi series


Author Tara C. Allred has announced the release of her sci-fi series, The Existence Series. REMINDER: A Prelude Novella was released on October 20, 2020 and the first volume, Beyond the End will be released on November 20, 2020. Both books are published by Patella Publishing.

An invention and two men hope to change the way humans connect through memory swaps, but days before its release, a man realizes it can do more harm than good.

Foster Grady begs the doctors to give his dying wife a break. He wants her to experience his creation: the ability to relive their lives together through her memories. But when the doctors refuse, the terminally ill patient, Ashyr Harmon, convinces Foster to give him the chance instead.

The exchange becomes Ashyr’s lifeline, and the two form a friendship and a business deal that comes with dangerous consequences.

Nothing else exists, at least that’s what he’s been told.

Volunteer teenager Leilani Grady suffocates on her family’s island. She wants to leave, but her parents say the rest of the Earth is destroyed.

When a stranger shows up, Leilani realizes that her parents fed her lies.

Ashyr Harmon shares a complicated story with his parents and now he wants Leilani’s help to save his company. This is her chance to escape the only place she knows. But Leilani must decide who she trusts: her flesh and blood or that man who promises to make her dream come true.

Both books are available on Amazon.com

About the Author:

TARA C. ALLRED is an award-winning author, instructional designer and educator. She has been recognized as a California Scholar of the Arts for Creative Writing and is the recipient of the Howey Awards for Best Adult Book and Best Adult Author. She lives in Utah with her husband.

His published works include REMEMBER (The Existence Series), SANDERS ‘STARFISH and UNAUTHORED LETTERS (John Sanders Series), HELPING HELPER and THE OTHER SIDE OF QUIET, finalist for the Kindle Book Award 2015 and winner of the Whitney Award.

Through online coaching, she helps other writers unleash their creative stories.

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