Sci-Fi Series Invokes Coming-Of-Age and Quest Themes


The World of Dawn series is fast-paced and entertaining and will appeal to many young adult readers

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World of Dawn Arise and World of Dawn Reveal

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Being a teenager is hard enough, even if your only challenges are social media bullies and the mysterious tides and tumults of hormonal changes. But for the youth gang at the center of local author Shawn Gale’s sci-fi novel series, this is just the beginning. They are drawn to a new planet, the Dawn World, where they must face giant scorpions, huge flying predators, ravenous wolf packs, sandstorms, poisoned rivers and evil human antagonists. . I look forward to the cinema version.

The kids at the center of it all are associated with Halton House, a therapeutic community on the Pacific Coast. The three boys all ended up there because of legal trouble. Two daughters, Anna and Tabby, are the nieces of Halton House founder Brad Conroy. They’re all in a vehicle that’s sort of driven through some sort of dimensional tunnel and ends up on World of Dawn, a planet with a crimson sun and three huge moons, not to mention all the monstrous wildlife and spooky human inhabitants.

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Soon after, the children experienced a tragic loss in the death of a beloved adult, Carol, and saw the only other adult in their group of interstellar castaways, Brad Conroy, so badly injured he could not. not accompany them on a quest to find a way back to Earth.

The stage is set for a classic revamp of many themes of quest and self-discovery as young people bicker and quarrel when not battling the deadly dangers on offer at every bend in the path they follow in search of ‘a way to get home. They all learn important lessons about themselves and each other, and support each other. It might sound a little weird, but it happens against the backdrop of vividly portrayed battles and chases, and the skillfully portrayed action keeps elements of pop psychology from getting too cloying.

No one will mistake these books for literary masterpieces. Some of the dialogue and narrative voice ends up being a bit awkward and unconvincing. Nonetheless, the action is lively and entertaining and will no doubt appeal to many young readers. Two more World of Dawn books are promised soon, and Gale is reportedly working on a storyline based on the first book. It is a series that will find a loyal and enthusiastic audience, both on the page and on the screen.

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