Period drama ‘Last Madame’ named best digital drama series at 25th Asian Television Awards


Courtesy of Ocre Pictures

Ocher picturesLast Madam scored another feather in the cap at the 25th Asian TV Award (ATA), winning the awards for best digital fiction series. Actresses Joanne Peh and Lina Ng also won the awards for Best Actress (Digital) and Best Supporting Actress, respectively, for their roles in the series.

These awards were among 11 nominations collected by the period drama in the creative, technical and performance categories, making it one of the two most nominated scripted series at the ATA this year. It was the top rated series in Singapore when it aired on Mediacorp Toggle (now renamed ME WATCH) in September 2019.

The series was written, produced and directed by an all-Singaporean crew. Directed by Joanne Peh in the lead role, the cast included supermodel Fiona Fussi, Taiwanese actor Jeff Chou, local veterans Lina Ng and Brandon Wong, and Malaysian actress Amanda Ang.

Sapna Angural, Chef, English Audience, Mediacorp said : ” , Last Madam to live! These awards are an excellent validation of the labor of love and ingenuity that has pushed the boundaries of creative excellence and storytelling for this dramatic series. We look forward to working with Ocher Pictures to create more content that will present our unique Singaporean perspectives and stories to audiences, both at home and around the world. “

Showrunner and Series Creative Director Jean Yeo, who also directed the series, expressed his sincere gratitude to those who worked on the project. “On behalf of the actors and the production team, we would like to thank the prestigious international jury of the Asian TV Award for recognition of our hard work throughout the series, from storytelling to performances. We are extremely encouraged by the affirmation we have received for Last Madam, and we look forward to further collaborations with partners and platforms to bring our content to audiences around the world.

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