Library Link: Airdrie’s 10 Most Viewed Adult Fiction Books of 2021


In this library link, we wanted to highlight which 10 adult fiction novels were our most viewed reads in 2021.

In January, libraries like to launch a list of the top 10 adult fiction books their patrons have checked out in the past year. It’s a way for us to brag about the literary tastes of our community of readers.

The Calgary Public Library (CPL), for example, released its 2021 list, along with that of Delia Owen Where the Crawdads sing in the lead, closely followed by Louise Penny’s All the devils are here, and Brit Bennett Half evanescent.

Here at the Airdrie Public Library (APL), we also have a list of the top 10 adult fiction, and it reveals that our community – despite living in the shadow of Alberta’s most populous city – has its own tastes.

In our first place was Kristin Hannah the four winds, with 123 loans last year. Set in Texas in 1934, the book explores one of the darkest periods of the Great Depression.

In second place, the 25th installment of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series, The Sentinel, at 109 borrows. The Sentinel was number 10 on CPL’s list, which might suggest that Airdronians and Calgarians enjoy their relentless, explosive action-packed fiction.

In third place with 105 borrowings was David Baldacci A man who plays, the second in the Aloysius Archer series about an outspoken World War II veteran.

Fourth was John Grisham A time for mercy at 103 borrows. This is the third installment in Grisham’s series of legal thrillers starring tenacious lawyer Jake Brigance.

The next six of APL’s Top 10 Adult Fiction Reads and number of borrowings are as follows:

To earn, by Harlan Coben at 97 borrows.

Day light, by David Baldacci at 91 borrows.

All the devils are here, by Louise Penny at 90 borrows.

deadly cross, by James Patterson at 84 borrowings.

The return, by Nicholas Sparks at 83 borrowings.

The Russian, by James Patterson and James O. Born at 82 Borrows.

What do these top 10 fictional reads tell us that our customers enjoy? Well, they certainly show Airdronian readers complex characters, intriguing mysteries, and plenty of action.

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