LGBTQ+ Fiction Books to Look Forward to in 2022


The world of LGBTQ+ fiction was booming in 2021, with releases across all genres and audiences. Whether you fell in love with Adiba Jaigirdar’s Sapphic YA novel, Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating, Torrey Peter is entertaining and chaotic Detransition, Baby or Morgan Roger’s famous TikTok delicious girl, There was something for everyone.

2022 has more in store, with big releases in your favorite genres. Covering fantasy, YA comedy, horror and more, from well-known authors to hidden gems, this list brings together the crème de la crème of LGBTQ+ literature coming out over the next 12 months. If you’re in the mood to laugh, cry, or do that thing where you have to close your book and scream because of kindness, this list has it all.

With highlights including: In Paradise, Hanya Yanaghira’s highly anticipated sequel to Man Booker’s selection A little life which dissects themes of love and loss across three centuries; by Louise Welsh The second cut, an investigation into the modern LGBTQ+ scene in Glasgow through the eyes of an auctioneer investigating the suspicious death of his friend; and the marvelous horror debut of Julia Armfield Our women under the sea, which explores how the marriage of two women is irrevocably changed when one returns from a disastrous mission on the high seas.

So if you’re looking to stock your library for the year with groundbreaking LGBTQ+ fiction, look no further.

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January 4

The first in this Indian-inspired fantasy duology, we follow the quest of four royal siblings. As Vira attempts to cement her role as Queen of Ashoka, she is thrust into a mission to protect the very principles of magic on which her land is built. As siblings unite, we discover the strength of family love.

January 11

After the critically acclaimed success of A little life, Yanagihara returns with a novel spanning 200 years. Following three different storylines from three different years (1893, 1993, 2093), Yanagihara explores themes around love, loss, grief, existentialism, and family. Using a rich tapestry of characters, she weaves a unique vision of America’s experimentation with freedom.

January 18

When London Parker becomes the first openly non-binary contestant on a cooking show, their lives are thrown into chaos. They meet fellow countryman Dahlia Woodson and, let’s just say, sparks fly from there. A fun and lively novel to get your teeth into.

January 27

Continuing the cult classic The cutting room, Welsh returns to the world of auctioneer Rilke as he investigates the suspicious death of his friend. It can be a standalone novel if you haven’t read the first in the series. A survey of Glasgow’s modern LGBTQ+ scene.

3rd of March

When Leah returns from a doomed mission on the high seas, her wife Miri is overjoyed. However, she soon realizes that Leah has been disturbed and changed by everything that happened during the fateful trip. A story of love, loss and heartbreak for Armfield’s debut novel.

8 March

This fairy tale-inspired novel for young adults follows the story of Chase Arthur, a hopeless romantic. When Chase meets Jack, a poet living a sheltered life, they both face big questions about gender and sexual identity – and most importantly, what it means to love.

8 March

This gender trend Three Musketeers the narrative follows the story of a brotherhood of badass characters. When Tania de Batz decides to shake up the expectations linked to her chronic illness, she trains to be a musketeer. Sword in hand, she tackles murderers, secrets and uncovers the dark mysteries of her past.

8 March

In this story full of magical realism, two non-binary teenagers, Bastiàn and Lore, are drawn to the mysterious lake near their home. As they discover a whole new world under the lake, they try to grapple with their existences above and below the water. As they fight to separate the worlds, secrets between the two are uncovered.

March 14

If you are looking for a wonderful sapphic novel for young adults, then Ophelia after all he has everything. As Ophelia nears the end of high school, she grapples with the chaos of friendship, the future – and love. By coming to terms with her sexuality, Ophelia begins to learn what it really means to be unabashedly herself.

March 22

Told in verse, this love story follows the story of two young trans men, Aaron and Oliver, who are named after Revolutionary War soldiers. As they continue to explore America’s past, they discover it is littered with unwritten queer histories. It’s a story of empowerment, love and queer history.

March, 31st

This adult gothic fantasy is full of dark magic, mystery and fantastical intrigue. When Annie Mason meets Emmeline Delacroix, she is introduced to a world of witchcraft – and illicit magic. This novel is gritty, romantic and packed with adventure.

April 5

Woodfolk’s novel explores the intimacy and intensity of female friendship, queer love and loss in this complex novel. As we uncover the beauty and danger of a complicated friendship between two girls, it all begins to unravel.

May 26

When Marnie Barnes gives up on love after her decade-long relationship breaks down, she moves to Canada. There she meets Nova, an enigmatic woman who may well lead to something more than a chance encounter…

Coming in June

In 1893, Welsh heiress Henry Nettleblack was thrust into the world of the Dallyangle division – part detective agency and part watch. Disguising itself to be able to join, this tale explores strange themes and is full of adventure and immerses you in the fast-paced fictional world.

July 21

In Dawson’s first adult series, we discover the world of a secret clan of witches established by Queen Elizabeth I. With their mission threatened, five best friends fight to save everything they hold dear.

August 2nd

In the sequel to boyfriend material, Alexis Hall reflects on Oliver and Luke’s relationship as they navigate the next stages of their relationship. With all the marriage talk in their circles of friends, will they get through this together?

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