Judge Dredd Is The Dumbest Sci-Fi Movie To Predict Our Terrifying Present



Dredd ends up being sentenced to one of the mega-prisons, which are giant penal colonies, and finds himself sitting directly next to a man named Fergee (Schneider) whom he had just sentenced to five years in prison. . Fergee was in the wrong place at the wrong time, falling into ongoing illegal activity. Fergee’s only real crime is being boring, but that doesn’t deserve a prison sentence, let alone five years. Even “good” judges like Dredd are capable of being far too strict and lacking in basic empathy.

Ironically, shortly before Dredd was wrongfully accused and convicted of murder, he was punished for being too hard on another group of criminals. His punishment? He was commissioned to teach ethics. That’s right, the guy who got in trouble for killing perpetrators instead of trying to bring them to justice is being punished by… passing on his not-so-great behavior to the next generation of judges. Yeah, great job.

Just as “Judge Dredd” criticizes the police, it also challenges the justice system and prisons. Everything is corrupted and Dredd ends up being convicted because of tampered DNA evidence. Only after he realizes how flawed the system is is he able to fix it, but it’s not hard to imagine judges reverting to corruption the second it’s out. about.

“Judge Dredd” is a perfect example of the best types of 1990s sci-fi movies, where the individual parts are better than the whole picture. There are a lot of big ideas and the film takes huge creative leaps. It doesn’t all work out, but it’s still a surprisingly prescient glimpse into the future of a very silly movie.

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