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SEven Borup, a Joplin High School student, has yet to cross the stage for graduation, but she has one major accomplishment she can be proud of: the release of the first book she wrote.

The young author, who has been writing since fourth grade, saw her first fiction book come out last week. Entitled “Power of Four: Island of Exiles”, it is available on Amazon. The first book in the trilogy series follows a protagonist bunny named Deerface who aims to protect his colony from his enemies, the Exiles, while trying to overcome the damage left by his father, an outcast.

“I feel like fiction is a lot easier to write,” Seven said. “It’s a lot easier to enter your own world and be in control of it. Deerface’s father is the leader of the Exiles, and he’s really struggling to break free from his father’s legacy. He suffers a lot of discrimination and he has to fight very hard to be his own person. Rabbits are used as a vehicle to explore deeper ideas and problems. “

In the series, there is a main colony that lives on the moor and the forest contains a group called the exiles, who did not obey the rules and were banished from the moor. The second book in the trilogy follows Deerface’s younger siblings and a dark prophecy. Each book will focus on different generations.

The next two books in the series will be released in May and June on Amazon.

The premise of the trilogy series is actually based on a sixth grade writing assignment, when she wrote the first chapter of “Power of Four.” Then Seven had a teacher who inspired her to use writing as an outlet to overcome challenges and stress. He has stayed with her to this day.

The characters in her books are based on a dozen former pet rabbits that she had several years ago. She picked up the book in seventh grade and finished it. It was posted by her parents, Carmen and Lance Borup, when she was in eighth grade as an anticipated Christmas present.

“We published it ourselves the first time around, but it was a college student’s job,” Seven said. “My first year, I decided I wanted to completely revamp it and improve it. We started working with a professional publishing company and we asked them to edit it, content point of view, and the whole nine meters.

The family now works with Paper Raven Books, a self-publishing company based in Denver, Colorado. But Seven says her parents have been major supporters throughout her writing journey.

She says it’s a surreal feeling to have written a book at such a young age, but it’s rewarding.

“It’s really crazy,” she said. “I definitely wouldn’t have published or anything if my parents hadn’t pushed me or seen the value of my work. I owe them a lot. I would read my stories to them in their room while I was writing them. They saw something that I hadn’t seen at the time, and they suggested that I publish it.

Carmen Borup said they were extremely proud of Seven, their youngest daughter, and the way she had matured. She described Seven as a wise soul, motivated and motivated by whatever she thinks about.

“We edited his book, and we used Create Space on Amazon and published it that way in 2016,” said Carmen Borup.

“It was interesting because she read it to me, and I would always ask her what was going to happen to a character, and she was like, ‘How am I supposed to know? I haven’t written it yet. It was amazing to me because I knew at first that she didn’t have any kind of outline or anything. She was literally writing the characters. I have always been struck by the evolution of the characters. Even though they are rabbits, there are so many personifications that you start to care about them.

Seven said she had learned a lot since she started writing. “You don’t have to wait until you’re older or more mature to post something or do something,” she said. “You can do it now.”

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