Jenkins from “Left Behind” Begins New Fiction Series


Best-selling author Jerry jenkins, co-author of the end-time-based Left Behind series, continues his interest in Bible stories with his new fictional series The Dead Sea Chronicles. Book 1, Rise of the Dead Sea, will be published in October by Worthy Publishing Group.

The Dead Sea Chronicles picks up on themes from Left Behind, which sold over 63 million copies and included 16 books in the adult series, a young adult series and other merchandise. Left Behind has fictitious the End Times as recorded in the biblical book of Revelation. Worthy published several other Jenkins novels, including The valley of dry bones (2016) and the end of the empire (2015),

The publishing house, which also owns the Museum of the Bible Books imprint, approached him with the idea for the new series, Jenkins said. “One of the main stimulants has been the phenomenal public interest in the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. I also think Worthy acknowledged that so many elements in this series parallel my previous work; they knew I would find an echo and be excited about it.

“The major parallel focus will be on the Jewish people as God’s chosen one and, of course, a strong focus on the Holy Land. But it will be contemporary history interspersed with ancient scenes dating back to 150 BC. AD, ”Jenkins said.

Rise of the Dead Sea presents Nicole Berman leading an archaeological dig in Jordan to search for the first concrete sign of the biblical patriarch Abraham. During excavations, she uncovers a 4,000-year-old complex that includes evidence of Abraham and his two sons, Isaac and Ishmael.

During the search, a devastating collapse nearly kills her, leaving her with haunting visions of what she may have seen. This prompts her to explore other sites in the region, each revealing a new truth that could change the face of Arab-Israeli relations. Add a Palestinian woman she falls in love with – but secretly opposes her – and a new volunteer to her team who knows secrets about her family that could shatter everything.

Jenkins has done a lot of research for the new series. Although he wrote many Bible-centric writings, archeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls are unexplored areas for him, he said.

Similarities exist between the Left Behind series and The Dead Sea Chronicles, including Bible prophecy and spiritual warfare with Satan working through his agents against Christian believers. “Bible prophecy is more about current events than future events and weighs heavily on the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Jenkins said.

Worthy is already gearing up for the fall launch. Social media promotions will start with Jenkins’ group of followers and branch out from there, according to Nicole Pavlas, director of advertising for Worthy. “We expect a strong first draw based on the initial response from retailers,” she said.

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