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The bond between sisters can go from love to terror in seconds and then back again. In the 1800s, the unbreakable bond between two sisters will end up being the subject of a novel 200 years later in Gill Hornbythe book, Miss Austen. And now, Deadline reveals that Hornby’s work is taking its turn as a series, courtesy of PBS Masterpiece. The story of the revered author, Jane Austenand her sister, Cassandra Austenwill receive a four-part on-screen narrative, filled with all the drama, romance, betrayal and longing one would expect from a book centered on the celebrated novelist.

Known for being a talented author in her own right, Hornby’s story about the Austen sisters has captivated readers since it was first published in 2020. The story focuses on the relationship between the duo, both in life and in the -of the. It picks up ten years after Jane’s death with Cassandra returning to the town where they once lived, in order to collect a number of letters written by her late sister. It is through these notes that readers – and soon viewers – are transported through the sisters’ lives and all of their tumultuous relationships. In a move that has baffled and baffled Austen fans and historians for years, Cassandra decides to burn all the letters, leaving only ashes where there once were stories and answers.


PBS Masterpiece currently hosts a wide variety of shows such as Around the World in 80 Days, Sanditon, Miss Scarlet & The Duke, Grantchester, and All creatures big and small.

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Scottish screenwriter Andrea Gibb (Swallows and Amazons) will adapt the book for the screen, which was picked up by the former BBC Films director, Christine Lagan. Langan will produce under her Bonnie Productions banner with Suzanne Simpson as executive producer of Masterpiece.

Sharing her excitement for her book to receive its on-screen redesign, author Hornby said: “I’m so thrilled that Miss Austen has landed with Christine and Masterpiece/PBS, the dream team for the project. I can’t wait to see Jane and Cassandra brought back to life.”

Prior to Miss AustenHornby has published two well-crafted and humorous books titled All together now and The Beehive. She will soon launch her sequel to Miss Austenentitled Godmersham Park June 23. The book will be another true dramatized account of events in the world of the Austens and this time will center on a governess named Anne Sharpe and her time with the notable family. If the popularity surrounding Austen-based pieces is any indication, Masterpiece’s account of Miss Austen will be an absolute hit with viewers.

As of now, no release date has been set for Miss Austenbut stay tuned to Collider for more information as it becomes available.

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