Green light to reinvent the sci-fi series


American series The CW She continues to shape her next TV season. If he suddenly renewed dozens of series a few days ago, he is now mandated to produce several series, including the reboot of “Los 4400” (“The 4400”, 2004-2007).

In 2008, Mark Bidowitz, president of the “young” Warnermedia series, became interested in this project, as we were discussing at the time. Since then it has rained so much that it is left in a sort of developmental oblivion until it is restored with new writers and producers for what appears to be the ultimate effort.

So reimagining, as they call it, It comes from the hands of Ariana Jackson and Anna Frick, Who have successfully launched the new “Walker”. While the two will be co-executive producers, Jackson will be responsible for writing the screenplay for this version of the sci-fi drama.

“Los 4400” represents a huge number (four thousand four hundred, as the title suggests) of somewhat marginalized people who have disappeared without a trace over the past century. He suddenly reappears without growing old for a day and without remembering what happened to them.. As the government tries to analyze what happened, we find that those who have reappeared have “improved” with certain skills, indicating that their presence is not accidental and that they are in our present for a while. raison.

New series: Nuns, The Powerpuff Girls and Naomi

This is not the only project that has received the green light. Although “Los 4400” is a single serial order, the CW has commissioned pilots for the live action of “The Powerpuff Girls”, written by Diablo Cody; Quote from the comedy “Naomi” and untitled drama starring two young nuns.

Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship are responsible for the showNaomi, actress written by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker and Jamal Campbell. It’s a superhero series starring a young teenager fascinated by Superman who, after seeing him fight with Mongol, decides to investigate his true roots.

on another side, Orman Jenny Snyder, Claire Rothrock and Ryan Weir direct series about two millennial nunsA devotee and a newcomer, about to make his permanent vows, sets out on a pleasant spiritual journey to understand his faith and his place in the Catholic Church.

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