from Will Smith to Ibrahimovic, the world’s best-selling non-fiction books


the international rankings December 2021 fairly closely mirror those of November as far as narration, with little news. The rankings of nonfiction with many unreleased tracks, including biographies, psychology manuals and cooking recipes.

Written by the economic journalist of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Ralph Bolmann meet hundreds of people and analyze dozens of speeches, Angela Merkel (6th in Germany) recounts the life and political work of the leader who brought her country back to the center of global attention.

Grandson of former President John Fitzgerald, the controversial Robert F. Kennedy Jr. si is one of the most critical voices towards the global vaccination campaign and has become a point of reference for the without vax American and beyond. His counter-biography of the famous immunologist and current medical adviser to President Biden, The real Anthony Fauciranks 3rd in the United States.

After Me, Ibra from 2011 written with David Lagercrant and i am soccer from 2018 with Mats Olsson (both published by Rizzoli) is now in bookstores Adrenaline (1st in Sweden, published in Italy by Cairo), third autobiography of the AC Milan striker and the Swedish national team Zlatan Ibrahimovic written in collaboration with the journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport and children’s writer Luigi Garlando. A story full of confidences and anecdotes, where even fear finds its place with the gentleness and fragility, determination and courage that led the little boy from Rosengård to the top of the world.

In the Netherlands, country of the new Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen, three biographies are devoted to the Red Bull driver who entered the ranking: Max Formulas (10°) of Erwin Jäggi And Ronald Vording, Max wereldkampioen (11°) of Koen Verger And Max Verstappen (13°) of James Gray.

In 2020 Boris Hermann he was the first German to take part in the Vendée Globe, the most famous and difficult regatta in the world, winning a barely dreamed-of fifth place with his yacht Seaexplorer. In Allein zwischen Himmel und Meer (4th in Germany) written with Andreas Wolfers, the sailor describes for the first time his experiences and emotions, the most beautiful and dangerous moments and the enormous mental challenges during the 80 days alone at sea. For years committed to climate protection and conservation of the nature, Hermann shone the spotlight on a new navigation conceptmore ecological and attentive to questions of environmental impact (his boat was chosen by Greta Thunberg crossing the Atlantic in 2019).

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It needs no introduction Will Smith, some of the most dynamic and beloved personalities in the world of entertainment. His autobiography Will be (6th in the United States, tr. It. Will be. The power of willLonganesi) is the result of a profound journey of inner discovery, a brave memory in which the author and rapper tells his story for the first time, shamelessly revealing the whole story of one of the most incredible Hollywood rises of our time.

He caused a surprise in Spain Por si las voces vuelven (1°) in which the well-known comedian and TV presenter Angel Martin try to break the taboo of mental illness recounting how he experienced the psychotic crisis that forced him to be hospitalized in 2017. The book is a journey into the depths of the mind, a raw, emotional, terrifying and at the same time hilarious account of what it means to get lost in madness and have to rebuild everything from scratch.

December is the month of good resolutions for the new year which often begin with the purchase of a motivational or self-help book.

In his previous bestseller The key to your energy (2nd in France, tr. It. you become happyTRE60) Natacha Calestreme he had collected 22 rituals learned from healers, mediums and shamans to overcome emotional blockages and regain balance, energy and well-being. In the new find my place (4°) the French journalist explores the subject by offering detailed support to guide the reader in his transformation.

In Encuentra you vitamin person (3rd in Spain) the psychiatrist Marian Rojas Estapé (How to Make Good Things Happen to YouVallardi A.) encourages readers to find vitaminized people, those who bring out the best in us, inspire us, support us, improve our immune system and allow us to understand our emotional history.

Trained as a psychologist at the school of Giorgio Nardon at the Strategic Therapy Center of Arezzo, Rafael Santandreu (Be happy against the wind, The art of not souring lifeVallardi A.) teaches in Sin miedo (10°) the method to “rewire” the brain and completely overcome even the most acute fears.

In Deppjärnan (4th in Sweden) the psychiatrist Anders Hansen (Move your body to strengthen the brainVallardi A.) explains how our minds work and why many feel bad, and invites you to take better care of your brain and body by stopping the endless pursuit of happiness.

Brene Brown (The strength of fragilityVallardi A.; The gifts of imperfection, Ultra) has built his career exploring the themes of courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. In atlas of the heart (2nd in the US), the American researcher takes the reader on a journey through eighty-seven emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human and provides the tools to access a universe of new choices and second chances .

We end with a quick overview of the cookbooksalways present in the non-fiction charts and particularly popular during the holiday season.

A pinch of Nom Comfort Food (1st in the UK) is the fourth book by world-renowned food bloggers Kay Plume And Kate Allinson containing delicious recipes with an eye on calories.

Pay attention to the line also in Eat Slimming (2nd) of Siobhan Wightman which offers 100 new recipes and the 15 favorites of its blog followers.

The kitchen of your life (2nd in Spain) brings together 950 quick, easy and healthy recipes from the most famous chef on Spanish television Karlos Arguinano while it is dedicated to stews Middag i in gryta (6th in Sweden) by the Swedish chef and TV presenter of Palestinian origin Tarek Taylor.

In the USA Alex Snodgrass collects in The cozy kitchen (1°) 105 relaxing and healthy recipes while Ree Drummond emphasizes ease of preparation in The pioneer woman cooks: super easy! (7th). The author is a true icon of the American spirit. After leaving Los Angeles after breaking up with her boyfriend and moving back to her parents’ distant provincial town, fate put a tough, burly cowboy in her path. Ree took up the challenge and began describing her new daily life as a wife and mother on a ranch on her blog. The pioneer woman which made her one of the most famous women in America. For fans of the genre, its story is told in the first person of When love came for me (Sperling & Kupfer).

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