First image and release date of Finch, the new sci-fi movie starring Tom Hanks for Apple TV +


The first picture the next Apple TV movie, Bullfinch, was released to provide fans with a first glimpse of what’s in store for Tom Hanks in his latest film.

As shared by the official Apple TV Twitter account, the study indicated that “Tom Hanks es Finch, the head of an unusual family traveling to rediscover the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. “. The studio concluded with an announcement that the film will debut next. November 5 from 2021 on Apple TV +.

Announcement Originally titled BIOS (in 2017), the film was slated to hit theaters last year. After several delays induced by pandemic, BIOS renamed Finch and sold to Apple TV +, where it will debut later this year.

Miguel Sapochnik, formerly known for the epic episode The Battle of the Bastards of Game of Thrones, directs the film.. Additionally, the film will also star one of the stars of X-Men: First Generation, Caleb Landry Jones, as Hanks’ android named Jeff. From what Apple has shared about the film so far, Hanks plays Finch, a lost robotics engineer who is one of the few survivors. knowledge in a world largely decimated by a catastrophic solar event. After many years have passed locked in a bunker with his dog, Goodyear, Finch built Jeff to take care of your dog.

The film puts the duo in a ambitious research for the western United States, where the ambitious engineer strives to show your robotic creation the joy and the wonder it feels to be alive. Apple described the post-apocalyptic drama as the “Heartwarming adventure of a man’s quest to ensure his beloved canine companion is taken care of after he leaves.”.

In other related news, Apple TV + recently announced that His award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso was the platform’s biggest premiere when it returned for its first season 2. The hit comedy stars Jason Sudeikis as a naive and carefree Premier League coach.

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