Filming continues in Fairfield Idaho for sci-fi movie


The working title is Age of Redemption. Keep in mind that this could change before release. Filming has been underway in Camas County for several months. Mainly near Fairfield. Some scenes are shot on a ranch owned by a friend. Mike McFadyen was also of great help to the crew. He’s an inventor. He invented the space age cars. He also built a platform for cameramen. They record footage while the cars are being towed. You will not see the tow. You will see what appears to be leading.

He invented the space age cars. He also built a platform for cameramen.

Mike has an associate in the film industry named Bruce Willis. The action star is not involved in this project. Again, for clarity, Mr. Willis is not involved!

Idaho has long been a popular location for film crews. Much of Pale Rider was shot here. A movie called Idaho Transfer was shot here in the 1970s. It was a project by Peter Fonda and a sequel to his hit Easy Rider. I looked at both pictures. The dialogue in the first might be the most cheesy in Hollywood history. As for Idaho Transfer, it is definitely the worst golden movie I have ever seen.

The Camas County lot really fosters a futuristic sci-fi movie. In some desolate places and others, the scenery is lush.

Mike said if I came by soon I might have a small part. I’m not sure I have any clothes I would suggest in the future. Most of the time I look like an oversized 1970s beach bum. I guess production will end before winter.

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