Fiction Series Book Review – Joe Ledger


Title: Joe Ledger & Rogue Team International

Author: Jonathan Maberry

There are ten (almost) books in the Joe Ledger series.

  1. patient zero (2009)
    2. The dragon factory (2010)
    3. The plague king (2011)
    4. Assassin’s Code (2012)
    5. extinguishing machine (2013)
    6. Code zero (2014)
    seven. predator one (2015)
    8. Immobilizer (2016)
    8.5. dark of night (2016)
    9. war dogs (2017)
    ten. deep silence (2018)

Joe Ledger is GI Joe, John Wayne, James Bond, and also a world class smartass. After a few years as an Army Ranger, he now works for Baltimore PD. Though it’s not long before he’s recruited to join an elite team that’s basically tasked with locating and defeating Terrorists/Villains.

Start with all of Joe Ledger’s books, then read the new series from Rogue Team International.

If you’ve read any of Jonathan Maberry’s other books (especially the Rot & Ruin series) you might notice a few links. There are also references to a few other Maberry series; sometimes characters from one series appear in another. It’s great fun (if you’re a book lover.)

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