Essential Media Group’s New Non-Fiction Series ‘Outback Lockdown’ Available From Abacus Media Rights


Courtesy of Abacus Media Rights.

Newly launched distributor Abacus Media Rights (AMR), part of the Amcomri Media group, announced the acquisition of an all-new three-part unscripted series Outback Lock Essential Media Group, with delivery scheduled for June 2020.

AMR Managing Director Jonathan Ford coordinated and facilitated the financing of the production of the 3×1 hour series through its long-standing relationship with media investment firm Head Gear Films.

Outback Lockdown follows Ky Furneaux, the world’s greatest stuntwoman, star of Naked and scared and someone who can survive anywhere, and Calem O’Grady, a British chef who cooks in the great restaurants of Europe. Their whirlwind romance saw them travel to Australia just before the coronavirus crisis hit. Now they live together, off the grid, in an old stone hut on 46,000 acres of Australian Outback. They have to look for food, hunt goats for dinner and everything is served Cordon Bleu by Calem. It’s a love story… self-contained, romantic and rough, but it’s also a life of challenges and luck.

Jonathan Ford comments: “When Essential came to us with this fantastic project, we knew it was a special and meaningful series that needed to be done. With the great credentials of Essential and a fantastically relevant and engaging premise, it also wowed Head Gear and we’re thrilled with the outcome. We look forward to airing the series to our international customers next month and believe there will be a lot of interest in a series that reveals how some have tried to stay alive and survive in 2020. ”

Brendan Dahill, Managing Director of Essential Media, said: “We have been working closely with Ky for some time now and as soon as she told us that she was planning to see the pandemic in the Outback, we were at. edge. COVID has turned the world upside down – but Outback Lockdown offers the public both escape and optimism. It’s a story of survival and a love story – set against the backdrop of one of the harshest, most remote places on Earth.

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