Biblioasis announces new thematic non-fiction series Field Notes


Rinaldo walcott

In the context of the relentless news cycle of 2020, Biblioasis is launching the Field Notes series. The topical non-fiction books will launch with four titles, each under 200 pages, to be released this fall and winter.

All headlines respond to the turbulent spring and summer of 2020. Mark Kingwell, professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto On the risk (October 13) examines how we think about risk taking in the age of COVID. McGill professor of writing Andrew Potter In decline (November 10) suggests that COVID has highlighted the possibility of a declining West.

Maclean’s columnist Andray Domise About killing a revolution (December 1) will describe how the popular anti-black racism protest movement reached corporate boards with Blackout Tuesday. And Rinaldo Walcott of the University of Toronto, director of the Women and Gender Studies Institute, will publish On the property (January 19), which will illustrate how calls for police funding must recognize that putting things first, over people, is at the heart of the Criminal Code.

Future volumes will cover disciplines such as philosophy, public policy, history, economics, and cultural criticism, with writers encouraged to debate arguments raised in other books in the series. The series will also take a variety of forms of non-fiction, including long-running journalism, philosophical treatise, and personal essay.

Biblioasis editor Dan Wells is open to receiving submissions for the series. The covers will be designed by Ingrid Paulson.

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