Best-Selling Sci-Fi Books of All Time



Science fiction fans, unite! If you’re a bookworm with an affinity for wormholes (or other space-time distortions), the books on this list are for you.

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Must-read science fiction books

No matter the genre, a great story stands the test of time. But great sci-fi books give us a little something extra: fantastic worlds, wacky technology, and crazy experiments gone wrong. We’ve rounded up the best-selling sci-fi books of all time so you can tick them off your reading list. Have you already browsed these classics? Discover our overview of the best detective novels.

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Frank Herbert’s book is arguably the most popular science fiction book ever to be published; millions of copies have been sold since it was first released in 1965. The story takes place in the year 10191 on the planet Dune, the most precious planet in the lush and imaginative universe of Herbert. Hailed as the forerunner of George Lucas Star wars, Dune includes the magic of sci-fi fantasy: thrilling action, an iconic fictional world, and a very human main character set in an inhuman universe. If you like building the world like Dune and Star wars, see if you can guess these facts about Star Wars, everyone is wrong.

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