Best Sci-Fi Books in October 2021



Go beyond blockbusters to discover the smartest and most exciting sci-fi novels and short stories today. Here are our top picks for October 2021:

Star Wars: Ronin

Type: Novel
Editor: Del Rey
Release date: 12 october

Den of Geek says: Candon’s first novel brings Star wars in a new dimension with an expansion on the short anime episode “The Duel” in Star Wars: Visions. Taking place like a step away from the universe we know and love, it’s an inventive and thoughtful story that also never forgets the initial concept: that a Sith samurai is very cool.

Editor’s summary: The Jedi are the Empire’s most loyal servants.

Two decades ago, the Jedi clans clashed in the service of conflicting lords. Disgusted by this endless cycle, a sect of Jedi rebelled, seeking to control their own destiny and claim power in the service of no master. They called themselves Sith.

The Sith rebellion failed, succumbing to infighting and betrayal, and once rival lords united to create an empire. . . but even an Empire at peace is not exempt from violence.

Far to the edge of the Outer Rim, an ancient Sith wanders, accompanied only by a loyal droid and the ghost of a less civilized age. He carries a lightsaber, but does not claim to any Jedi clan and does not pledge allegiance to any lord. Little is known about him, including his name, as he never talks about his past, or his regrets. His story is as guarded as the red blade of destruction he wears sheathed by his side.

As the galaxy’s perpetual cycle of violence continues to interrupt his self-imposed exile, and he is forced to duel against an enigmatic bandit claiming the title of Sith, it becomes clear that no wandering will do so. will never let the specters of his former life exceed. .

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