Best new science fiction books in August 2022



Along the way, the arrival of a childhood friend, a stranger, and an unusual AI project will force her to question her own moral compass and sense of kindness. How involved are we in the suffering of others? What does true compassion look like? How to create a better world?

Face by Joma West

Type: Novel
Editor: Tordotcom
Release date: August 2nd

Den of Geek says: I reread recently uglythe YA dystopia is set in a world where plastic surgery is mandated by the government. Face plays with some of the same things in a contemporary adult novel with shades of The twilight zone thus, adding insights into today’s online world and the ‘face’ we present to the world.

Editor’s Summary: Schuyler and Madeleine Burroughs have the perfect face, rich and powerful enough to ensure their dominance in society.

But in Schuyler and Maddie’s house, cracks begin to appear. Schuyler is bored and takes risks. Maddie becomes brittle, her happiness increasingly fleeting. And their subordinate fights the most bizarre compulsions.

In Faceskin color is a professionally designed aesthetic choice, consent is a pre-checked box on the road to social acceptance, and your online profile isn’t just the most important thing, it’s the only thing.

Eversion by Alistair Reynolds

Eversion by Alistair Reynolds

Type: Novel
Editor: Orbit
Release date: August 2nd

Den of Geek says: Reynolds is a master of hard science fiction. This novel that crosses an era does not forget the human stories among science either.

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