Athens author publishes fourth novel in ‘Feisty Women’s Fiction Series’


Muriel Pritchett, top left, with some of her friends from the writers group – Susan Vizurraga, to her left, and front left, Debra Harden and Gail Karwoski – holding copies of ‘Sour Grapes and Balmy Knight’.

Athenian author Muriel Pritchett plans to visit a book club at the Public Library of Commerce later this month for a reading of her recently published fifth novel, ‘Sour Grapes and Balmy Knight,’ but it’s promotional duty. which she took advantage of.

The novel is the fourth she has written in the Feisty Women’s Fiction Series.

“The women I write for — they’re fiery,” Pritchett said, describing how curious audiences are with their questions about her works.

Pritchett’s books in the series are aimed at older women, but her characters are intertwined with dynamic personalities with settings that include college and a Caribbean cruise, where all manner of mischievous behavior abounds.

The cover of “Sour Grapes and Balmy Knight”  by Muriel Pritchett, Athenian author.

The cover of “Sour Grapes and Balmy Knight” by Athenian author Muriel Pritchett.

The latest novel in the series is based on the Georgian coast, where the central character Balmy Knight is involved in a romantic relationship with a British tycoon and a mysterious man.

Pritchett, a University of Georgia public relations retiree and former journalist, had planned to attend the Amelia Island Book Festival in February, but the event was canceled due to the pandemic.

Outside of the series, Pritchett wrote the young adult novel “Not Myself Today,” a paranormal adventure released last year. She has another young adult book due out in March.

Becoming an author didn’t happen overnight for the Atlanta native. After retiring, she remembers being told by her doctor to “make a hobby of it.” So she started writing children’s books.

“In 10 years, I went to workshops and wrote these books. Agents and editors would say, “good plot and good character, but I can’t connect to the voice,” she said.

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A friend encouraged her to write a book for older women. And that’s how the voice in the book was connected to the reader.

“I have the voice of an old lady,” she admitted with a small laugh.

Amassing a lifetime of toil and joy, Pritchett is able to draw on his experiences to mask reality with fiction.

For example, in the upcoming young adult book, she was inspired by a moonlit night from her honeymoon days on the coast, where her husband’s family lived.

“I’m a newlywed and all these guys wanted to take me mule jumping. I thought it was a snipe hunt – a snipe hunt on the water,” she said.

“They put me in this rowboat and in the middle of the boat is this big sheet metal tub full of branches and sticks. I thought it was a little weird, but necessary,” she said.

“We went out on this tidal creek. The skipper struck a match and threw it into the sticks and it swooshed. I’m sitting in a boat with a bonfire,” Pritchett said, recalling how disconcerting the scene was.

“All of a sudden these mules started jumping out of the water all over me and I started screaming and they started laughing.”

The memory of a strange night on the river happened many years ago, but today the writer has found a story that needs a mule jump.

This article originally appeared on Athens Banner-Herald: Athens author Muriel Pritchett publishes novel for feisty mature women

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