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First week (November 1)

Interface — Scott Britz-Cunningham (lighthouse)

Within a few years, everyone was hooked up to a network of government-mandated brain implants. The interface has become a way of life, connecting everyone to unlimited information, continuous personal messaging and instant news flashes. The days of cell phones and laptops are over – even loneliness itself is obsolete. But when the genius behind the interface turns against his own creation and threatens to unleash a deadly electronic brain virus on the public, the fate of the world falls on NYPD Captain Yara Avril, who must stop this sinister, ever-escalating plot before let it not be too late. late. A thrilling nod to a future that awaits just around the corner, Interface is a remarkably prescient exploration of the potential links between limitless connection and cataclysmic disaster in digital society.

The echo of the ocean — Everina Maxwell (Tor Books)

Wealthy socialite, inveterate flirt and walking disaster, Tennalhin Halkana can read minds. Tennal, like all neuromodified “readers”, is a security threat in his own right. But when vetted, drives are a rare asset. Not only can they read minds, but they can navigate chaotic space, the maelstroms surrounding the gateway to the larger universe. Drafted into the army under questionable circumstances, Tennal is entrusted to the care of Lieutenant Surit Yeni, a soldier bound to duty, a principled leader and the son of a notorious traitor general. While Tennal can read minds, Surit can influence them. Like all other neuromodified “architects”, he can impose his will on others, and he is instructed to control Tennal by merging their minds. Surit accepted a suspicious request for a promotion lead out of desperation, but he refuses to follow through on his unlawful orders to sync and control an unwilling Tennal. So they lie: they fake a sync link and plan Tennal’s escape. Their best chance comes with a retrieval mission through chaotic space – to the neuromodifcation lab that Surit’s traitorous mother destroyed twenty years ago. And among the rubble lies a terrible yet incredibly powerful treasure that upends a decades-old power struggle and sparks a war. Tennal and Surit can no longer abandon their unit or their world. The only way to avoid life under full military control is to end the very synchronization they faked.

The Best of World SF: Volume 2 — ed. Lavie Tidhar (Head of Zeus)

Twenty-nine short stories representing the state of the art of international science fiction. The second annual installment of the “rare and wonderful” (The Times) The Best of World SF Volume 1, this collection of twenty-nine stories, including eight original and exclusive additions, represents the state of the art in science fiction international. Sailing around the globe, The Best of World SF Volume 2 features writers from Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Grenada, India, Iraq, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico , Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Each story was curated by Lavie Tidhar, World SF expert and award-winning author. Taking us to space – first Mars, then the stars – then back to a strange and transformed Earth via AI, gods, aliens and the undead, the collection traces the ever-changing meaning of genre from some of the most exciting voices. write today. This is not a retrospective of what science fiction looked like in the world. This is a preview of what some of them look like now. And it has never been so exciting.

1637: The decision of Transylvania – Eric Flint, Robert E. Waters (Baen)

Timekeeper Morris Roth and his Grand Sunrise Army find themselves at a crossroads. Military success against the Polish-Lithuanian magnates almost guaranteed a continued eastward push into the Ruthenian lands. There, Roth hopes to continue his Anaconda project so that tens of thousands of Jews will not be massacred in what will become known as the Chmielnicki pogrom of 1648. An envoy from Transylvania arrives with a promising offer from his prince, who wishes to form an alliance. along with Bohemia, but the land shrouded in the mist of the Carpathian Mountains – and known only to most uptimers as the playground of Count Dracula – is a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire. Such an alliance would surely attract the ire of Sultan Murad IV. The United States of Europe agrees to help the Bohemian forces and sends the Silesian Guard, under the command of Brigadier Jeff Higgins. They also send Gretchen Richter to organize and lead the political struggle. Transylvania is embroiled in political, social and religious turmoil as battle lines are drawn. Whatever happens and whoever wins the fight, one thing is certain: the history of Eastern Europe will change dramatically. In fact, it already is.

Second week (November 8)

the last hero (First Sister #3) – Linden A. Lewis (Saga)

Astrid is finally freed from the Sisterhood, but her name continues. She is called the Unchained by those she inspired and the Heretic by those who want her speechless again. Now, Astrid uses knowledge of the inner workings of the Sisterhood against them, aiding the moonborn in raids against abbeys and cathedrals, while exploring the mysteries of her forgotten past. However, the Sisterhood thrives under new mother Lilian I, who has engaged in high-stakes politics among warlords and aunts to rebuild the Sisterhood in her own image. But the evil of the Sisterhood cannot be purged with anything less than fire… Meanwhile, Hiro val Akira is a rebel without an army, a dagger without a rapier. As protests rock the streets of Cytherea, Hiro moves in the shadows, driven by grief and revenge, as they hunt the man responsible for all their pain: their father… Transformed by the Genekey virus , Luce navigates the growing schism within the Asters on Ceres. Wounded in her new body, she struggles to connect two worlds seemingly bent on destroying each other. While mourning his deceased brother, although the memory of Lito sol Lucius may still live on. Yet Souji val Akira judges them all, plotting the future of all humanity and running out of time before war breaks out between the Icarii and the Geans. But can even the greatest human intellect outsmart the Synthetics?

Account (Donovan #6) – W. Michael Gear (DAW)

Three years later Ashanti spaced out for the solar system, Turalon reappears in the Donovanian sky. The Society is back. Donovan’s wealth is a decoy to the powerful families who control the Council. Stripped of morals, they fight their battle for supremacy at Port Authority and a showdown that could tear The Corporation apart. Much to her disgust, Falise Taglioni has been chosen to ensure that her family emerges triumphant; she comes with instructions for her brother, Dek. After all, she could still manipulate him as she pleased. And she will do it again, even if she has to destroy Talina Perez in the process. What if his war with the Grunnels, Xian Chans and Radceks destroys Port Authority in the process? We do not care? But nothing about Donovan is static, and in the three years since AshantiInitially, life on the planet hardened Kalico Aguila and the rambling denizens of Port Authority. Life in the bush breeds a different type of human, genetically modified, tough and self-sufficient. And on Donovan, figuring out who’s predator and who’s prey has never been easy.

Third week (November 15)

No new titles.

Week four (November 22)

Dune: The Heir of Caladan (Caladan #3) — Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson (Tor Books)

The story that began with the rise to power of Duke Leto Atreides, then continued with the aftermath of Lady Jessica’s betrayal, will now end with Paul becoming the leader he needs to be on the path to his central role as Muad’Dib.

The Ice Orphan (Rewilding #3) – Kathleen O’Neal Gear (DAW)

It’s been 925 summers since the Jemen introduced zyme, a bioluminescent algae, to the global ocean and unwittingly sparked an ice age that consumed most of the planet. All but a handful of Jemen soared to the stars, but before they left they recreated several extinct species that had thrived during the last ice age. After nearly a thousand summers, the archaic hominins struggling along the edges of massive glaciers are dwindling. All they have to save them is a dying quantum computer named Quancee and his student, a Denisovan named Lynx. When the last Jemen, Vice Admiral Jorgenson, tells Lynx that he is going to dismantle Quancee and use its parts to create a new computer, Lynx is stunned. He can’t let Jorgenson kill Quancee! Meanwhile, in the lodges of the Sealion people, a sick boy on the brink of adulthood hears voices. It is an old woman who sings to him. When Jawbone goes on his first quest to find a helping spirit, the old woman finds it. As Lynx fights to save Quancee, the Quantum Computer has other priorities. Before he dies, he must save a special boy who cannot save himself.

Fifth week (November 29)

No new titles.

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