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First week (February 1)

chase the stars (Shadow of Starlight #1) — Jessie Mihalik (Harper Voyager)

Octavia Zarola would do anything to keep her small team of bounty hunters together, even if it means accepting a job from Torran Fletcher, a ruthless former general and her nemesis. When Torran offers her enough credits to not only keep her crew afloat but also hire someone to fix her ship, Tavi knows she can’t refuse no matter how badly she wants to. With so much money at stake, Torran and his crew insist on joining the hunt. Tavi reluctantly agrees because even though the beautiful and stoic leader presses all her buttons – both out of anger and desire – she’s endured worse, and the massive bonus payout he promised for a completed job is reason enough to shut up and negotiate. But when they uncover a deeper conspiracy that threatens the delicate peace between the humans and the Valoff, Tavi suspects Torran has used it as the impetus for a new war. With the fate of her crew on a knife edge, Tavi must decide where her loyalty lies: with the calm Valoff who lied to her, or with the human leaders who left her squad to die on the battlefield. And this time, she put her heart on the line.

A call for insurrection (Manticore Ascendant #4) – David Weber, Timothy Zahn, Thomas Pope (Baen)

Yesterday, the Star Kingdom of Manticore was an unimportant little interstellar backwater. A quiet little starry nation, only recently recovering from the devastating blow of the plague years. Wealthier than some, perhaps, but with little to attract trade or interstellar commerce, she had little need for a navy…much less interest in paying for one. But Manticore has now become a target. The Star Kingdom does not know who is attacking it, or why, or what its mysterious enemy may want, but Queen Elizabeth I knows she must find out. And she knows that whatever some of her subjects think, Manticore needs a navy. And he needs allies, friends like the vibrant Republic of Haven and the Andermani Empire. He needs their trade…and to learn from their more experienced and powerful navies. It’s the job of officers like Travis Long and his wife, Lisa, to gain that experience. Totally inexperienced diplomats like Travis’ brother, Gavin, Earl Winterfall, to build these alliances. They were sent to the mighty Andermani Empire to do just that, as the Imperial Navy is one of the strongest and most experienced fleets in the galaxy. But the Andermani have their own problems. The death of their emperor is the trigger for the uprising, and now this powerful and experienced navy is locked in civil war. The Manticoran visitors find themselves squarely in the storm’s path, and before Travis, Lisa, and Gavin can accomplish anything else, they must first survive.

Azura Ghost (Graven #2) — Essa Hansen (Orbit)

Caiden has been on the run for ten years in order to keep his ship Graven out of the hands of his old adversary, Threi. But when a childhood friend he thought was dead reappears to take him, he is lured into a game of hunter and hunter with the one person whose powers rival Threi’s; his sister, Abriss. Now, for a chance to fight against the most influential siblings in the multiverse, Caiden has no choice. He must unleash Azura’s true potential, which means finally confronting his own mysterious genetic origins.

The employees — Olga Ravn, trans. by Martin Aitken (New Directions)

Funny and filled with misfortune, The Employees chronicles the fate of the Six-Thousand Ship. Human and humanoid crew members complain about their daily duties in a series of staff reports and memos. When the ship takes a number of strange objects from the planet New Discovery, the crew becomes strangely and deeply attached to them, even as tensions boil over towards mutiny, especially among the humanoids.

Second week (February 8)

Clean Air — Sarah Blake (Algonquin)

The climatic apocalypse has come and gone, and in the end it wasn’t rising temperatures or rising waters. It was the trees. The world has become overgrown, creating enough pollen to make the air unbreathable. In the decade since the event known as the Turning, humanity has rebuilt itself and Izabel has grown accustomed to the airtight domes that now contain her life. She raises her young daughter, Cami, and tries to make peace with her mother’s death. She strives to be content with this safe and prosperous new world, but instead she just feels stuck. And then the peace of his city is shattered. Someone starts coming through the domes at night, exposing people to deadly pollen – a serial killer. Almost simultaneously, Cami starts talking while sleeping, having entire conversations about the murders she doesn’t remember after waking up. Izabel becomes obsessed with the killer, both to track him down and to figure him out. What could compel someone to take so many lives after years of pure survival, humanity finally thriving again?

The Devil’s Quintet by Stan Lee: The Code of Armageddon — Stan Lee, Jay Bonansinga (Tor Books)

A five-person special ops unit, made up of a diverse assortment of former Navy SEALS from all walks of life, responds to a terrorist threat deep in the Caucasus Mountains as their mission heads south. Facing certain death and torture, they are unexpectedly offered a Faustian bargain by the devil himself, who grants them supernatural powers in order to send evildoers to hell in his diabolical name. But “The Devil’s Quintet” is doing things their own way, fighting to protect America and the world, while doing their best not to let their newfound infernal abilities corrupt them beyond redemption…

Third week (February 15)

Mickey7 — Edward Ashton (St. Maarten)

Dying isn’t fun… but at least it’s living. Mickey7 is an Expendable: a disposable employee of a human expedition sent to colonize the ice world Niflheim. Whenever there is a mission too dangerous, even suicidal, the crew turns to Mickey. After an iteration dies, a new body is regenerated with most of its memories intact. After six deaths, Mickey7 understands the terms of his contract…and why it was the only vacant Colonial position when he took it. During a fairly routine reconnaissance mission, Mickey7 disappears and is presumed dead. By the time he returns to the colony base, surprisingly aided by native life, Mickey7’s fate is sealed. There is a new clone, Mickey8, which reports for Expendable tasks. The idea of ​​duplicate consumables is universally hated, and if caught they will likely be thrown into the Protein Recycler. Mickey7 must keep his double secret from the rest of the colony. Meanwhile, life on Niflheim gets worse. The atmosphere is unsuitable for humans, food is scarce, and terraforming is going badly. The native species are increasingly curious about their new neighbors, and this curiosity is very scared of Commander Marshall. Ultimately, the survival of both lifeforms will depend on Mickey7. That is, if he can just stop himself from dying for good.

Week 4 (February 22)

heirs to power (Broken Trust #3) — Juliette Wade (DAW)

Many years have passed since the Nekantor eminence and heir Adon seized power, and life in Pelismara has found a delicate balance under Nekantor’s thumb. Now, the Imbati Service Academy suspects that Xinta, Servant of Eminence, may have taken control of Nekantor for his own sinister purposes, endangering what remains of peace. Imbati Catín, an Academy prodigy, swears to serve Adon, balancing two main goals: advancing his master’s designs on power and determining the full extent of Xinta’s influence. When a trash hauler named Akrabitti Corbinan walks into a place he doesn’t belong, everything goes out of balance. Catín, who is investigating this newly discovered hidden library, immediately arrests Corbinan for trespassing. Nekantor then seizes Corbinan, believing him to be a spy who has sought to overthrow the government, and Xinta vanishes him before Catín can determine his intent. What was Corbinan really looking for? What dangerous information does the library contain that Xinta might seek to control? And what if someone more dangerous discovered Corbinan first?

The misfit soldier —Michael Mammay (Harper Voyager)

Sergeant Gastovsky – Gas to everyone but his senior officers – never wanted to be a soldier. Far from there. But when a con goes awry and he needs a place to hide for a while, he finds himself wearing augmented infantry power armor. After three years on a six-year contract, Gas has found his groove running low-level scams and various illegal activities that earn him big bucks. He’s the guy who can get you what you need. But he always had his eye on a big score, one that could prepare him for life after the military. When one of his soldiers is left behind after a seemingly pointless battle, Gas sees his chance. He assembles a team of misfit soldiers who would push the term “ragtag” to its limits for a big scam that would lead them on a daring mission behind the lines, pitting him not only against enemy soldiers but also the higher-ups of his own. organization. If he succeeds, not only will he save his teammate, but he could well become the legend he has always considered himself. He could also change the way the whole galaxy looks at this war. But for all of this to happen, he has to live out this insane plan. And charm rarely stops bullets.

The Paradox Hotel —Rob Hart (Ballantine)

January Cole’s job just got a whole lot tougher. It’s not that managing security at the Paradox has never really been easy. Nothing is simple in a hotel where ultra-wealthy tourists arrive dressed up for a dozen different eras, all eagerly awaiting their “flights” to the past. Or where proximity to the Timeport occasionally sets the clocks back and, rumored, allows ghosts to roam the halls. None of this compares to the corpse in room 526. The one that seems to be both there and not there. The one that only January can somehow see. On top of that, some very important new guests have just arrived. Because the US government is about to privatize time travel technology and the most powerful people in the world are here to claim their rights. Jan is sure the timing is no coincidence. Nor these “accidents” which are beginning to stalk their bidders. There’s a reason January can glimpse what others can’t. A reason why she’s the only one who can catch a killer who operates invisibly and in plain sight, all at once. But her ability also destroys her grip on reality – and as her past, present and future collide, she finds herself confronting not only the hotel’s dark secrets, but also her own.

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