After Kaamelott, Alexandre Astier would like to launch a science fiction series


Passing Tuesday evening on the set of Popcorn, a broadcast from streamer Domingo on Twitch available on Youtube, Alexandre astier talked about his future and especially his projects after the release of Kaamelott, July 21.

A big fan of astrophysics, the creator explained that he was thinking about a project for a sci-fi series, which is not a Star Wars-style space-opera but rather deals with the technologies and machines created by the Male for “to replace it”.

The director and screenwriter says he is fascinated by parallel reality: “it interested me for a while […] what our civilization could have been if we had taken other branches of technology, for example if we had not had oil as our main resource, which gave us plastic and all we know. “

He wants to create a series that would show us “how we could make a world that would have taken another path”. So he has in mind a kind of uchronia which would start from a factual and historical point, and which would then show us a world totally different from ours.

As for the support of this ambitious project, the filmmaker explained that he would surely not go on a streaming platform. “I find that platforms in general are looking for things. […] and I, with all due respect to these platforms, I don’t care what they are looking for”. He will therefore only work with one of the streaming giants if he obtains complete freedom over his creation. To be continued …

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