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I am an avid reader.

Soup can labels, magazines in doctor’s offices, street signs, newspapers, and just about anything that has the word printed on it, I’ll pick it up and read it. At the beginning of my life, around 7 or 8 years old, I discovered Tom Swift’s books and I was hooked. By my early teens, I had read every science fiction book in the Fairbanks Public Library, from the Tom Swift series to the great authors.

Over the years the list has grown to include Robert A. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, HG Wells, George Orwell, David Weber, Alan Dean Foster, Andre Norton, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey and many more. Then, during my high school years, I discovered the fascinating books on the history of the United States, its military organizations, its disasters, etc. Shortly after, I added world history, from early Greek and Latin writers to Winston Churchill and even some of today’s writers. Of the history.

Besides that, Dorothy and I tend to collect books. I still have some of my high school textbooks! And we have shelves full of old Reader’s Digest condensed books. I have to stay away from bookstores. Every time I go there, I want to buy dozens of books, even though I know my bank account won’t allow it!

Movies and radio shows are okay, but I really don’t like seeing a movie made from a book I’ve read, because the version on screen rarely matches what I’ve seen in my mind reading the author’s original text.

Now add another ingredient to the mix…

I have had many years of intensive training in the use of logic analysis (crime, public debate, scientific data analysis, etc.) from high school through college, the navy, and decades of reporting and newspaper publishing.

All this gave me a critical eye towards politicians and government agencies. Instead of taking their statements as gospel truth, I always take them with several pounds of salt. In other words, I tend to reject 95% of their statements and subject the remaining 5% to the fire of logical and historical analysis.

Despite the far-left liberal movement, it is still possible to find the historical truths about America’s founding. Even on the Internet, there are still sites where you can find accurate accounts, although they are gradually becoming harder to find and will probably end up being deleted. Rather than using the major search engines, I prefer Duck Duck Go. It’s not only easier to use, it DOES NOT filter results to suit the political leanings of some web engineers.

When it comes to the national news media, we have to use a very strong filter to weed out the exaggerations, as well as the deliberate distortion of the truth that they mix into their “news” reporting. I have spent most of my life in the news industry and was trained to keep my opinions and political leanings out of the stories I wrote. These thoughts and views have been printed on the editorial page, so the reader knows that the article is opinion and not news.

Unfortunately, so many of today’s national news media (newspapers, magazines, radio, and television) are so intertwined with the far-left socialist liberal movement that it is virtually impossible to tell fact from fiction. A senior history teacher once told me, “The easiest way to tell if they’re telling the truth or a fictional story is to look at their mouths. If the lips move, they lie.

We need to apply this process to the majority of today’s politicians, so-called civil servants and national news media. More and more of them are lying to us every day.

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