7 sci-fi series to watch now on Netflix


Quite a phenomenon, this German series starts out looking like a typical series about disappearances and murders, but ends up being a monumental mess (for good) of time travel and more.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Reject knockoffs, new incarnations of the franchise, like Discover Where picard they only have the Star Trek name in common, as they look nothing alike. Neither in aesthetics, nor in philosophy or intrigue. They’re generic, forgettable sci-fi series, but this is the one that took star trek to another level.

The first two seasons are tough to get through and the years show, but there are also some really good intercut episodes. From the third it is clear why It’s one of the best sci-fi series of all time..

The extent

if you like it space opera in science fiction, you’ll like it The extent. To tell about the wanderings of a future Earth, its tension with a colonized Mars and a plundered asteroid belt to exploit it, using an exploited population.

Some episodes are very good and it has quite a radical following, who managed to pull it out of the eternal cycle of cancellations, resurrecting it when it seemed impossible.

black mirror

the quintessential dystopian series, that we must see yes or yes. Each episode is a different story, exploring topics ranging from social media and the horrible world it creates, to devastated futures.

The first episode is more of a declaration of intent. Safety pin.


In its time it was a fashion pluggedbut it seems to have disappeared from collective memory. maniacal It’s not for everyone, but yes for those who appreciate a different science fiction and quietly, without explosions or ships.

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are a star in a frankly curious story.

Altered carbon

At the other end of maniacal we find Altered carbon. Based on a few bestselling books, we find a dystopian future with dyes cyberpunk, where you can live a long time in cloned bodies and, as always, you may have solved death (at least in theory), but not inequality.

To have as many detractors as fansBut it’s worth it.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Of course, nod to the hottest subgenre, which some don’t consider within science fiction and they might be right, but that’s my article and it’s a shame this series doesn’t not be better known.

From Mark Millar we got some of the most irreverent superheroes, a satire of the genre that is repeated in this story which speaks to us of powerful beings, but already old, who must pass the baton to the new generations.

Another twist on the subject, like The boys Where invinciblebut that it’s worth it despite only having one season and the possibility of its sequel being turbulent.

As you can see there is no shortage of options on Netflix to watch some sci-fi series which are very good and will make you spend free time in distant worlds. A necessary escape in these times.

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