10 non-fiction books from 2021 that explain the world and unveil “freedom”

  • The lockdown was lifted in 2021, and many of the best non-fiction books had “freedom” in mind.
  • From current events to the Cold War to the American Revolution itself, the authors have examined what “freedom” means to Americans.
  • Here are 10 2021 non-fiction books that explain the world – and America to itself.

American non-fiction was obsessed with “freedom” in 2021.

It had been agreed for a year that vaccines largely free the country to move again, despite some emerging variants.

Freedom is a difficult concept to pin down, however.

The freedom to go to the restaurant of your choice can now depend on an iPhone with a vaccination passport or a copy of your vaccination record. Is this real freedom? The freedom to continue working from home, meanwhile, is a freedom that workers across the country are fighting to preserve.

The theme of how Americans defined freedom has been explored in books on the past decade (“Wildland”), the 20 Year War on Terror (“Reign of Terror”), popular culture during the war cold (“The Free World”), even the founding of the country itself (“American Republics”).

Insider’s Economics team worked hard throughout the year to explore all the ways that economic change is manifesting itself in surprising ways.

One of the biggest stories of the year is the falling birth rate, a lifestyle choice many American women of my generation make that carries a sad truth: they are not economically free to have as many children as they want.

Another giant story is the big resignation, in which millions of workers choose their next job very carefully, if at all. It’s an economic crisis for many, but isn’t it also a kind of freedom?

Here are the 10 non-fiction works that were as obsessed with freedom this year as the rest of us.

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