Payday loans no credit check in minutes

Here you can compare the best urgent money offers from the leading lenders in the sector and get up to 5,000 euros in a few minutes. You are one click away from getting an urgent money loan without papers and, above all, without wasting time on trips or interminable procedures.

The 5 steps to hiring urgent money without papers

Get a payday loan no credit check is very simple, thanks to its characteristics it is accessible for a large number of people, in addition, its flexibility is adapted to the needs of each one. As a comparator, we facilitate the process from the beginning and that is why we offer you a ranking with the best credits, which is updated every month.

Through this tool, we can filter our search for needs and have at hand the lenders that are closest to what we are looking for and need. Below, we show the steps that, generally, we will have to follow to get urgent money online:

  1. Establish an amount according to our need and set a date in which we ensure that we will have money to repay the credit. Many entities admit the advance payment without costs, so our advice is to know which lenders offer this possibility and choose the maximum term. If then we can return the money beforehand, we will save the corresponding fees and make sure not to fall into debt. There is also the possibility of requesting an extension of the term, with its corresponding interests.
  2. Read the terms and conditions of the lenders. Earlier we talked about our ranking because we can find the interests that each lender applies. Normally they depend on the quantity and the return period. The vast majority does not exceed the euro per day and there is a list with others who charge less than one euro a day or who even offer urgent money without free papers if the loan is repaid before a maximum.
  3. Clicking on the loan that best suits us will be on the official website of the entity. All have a calculator or simulator that will tell us what the total cost of our credit will be to enter the amount and the return period. This way we will know how much the credit will cost, including its fees and without hidden costs.
  4. When we click on the request button, we will have to fill in a small online form and attach the following documents: a photocopy on both sides of our DNI / NIE, a receipt that certifies our source of income and the account number where we want to deposit the money.
  5. In less than five minutes we will receive an e-mail or SMS (according to each entity) with the lender’s response. If our application has been approved, they will send us an invoice and the contract. Once signed, we will make a transfer of money and in a few minutes, we can have the money in the account to solve our setback.

In the event that we have any doubts about the application and hiring process of the financial institution to which we have gone, they usually have customer service 24/7, through which we can get in touch to make our consultations or clarify our doubts.

Is it possible to get money urgently without payroll?

Yes, Private companies will grant us urgent loans without payroll, provided that we have an alternative source of income that allows us to make the reimbursement without complications. Let’s see how the revenues that we have to collect should be if we want to get urgent money credits:

  • That the income is justified by a document certifying that we received them
  • That allows us to reimburse the fast loans without unbalancing our monthly economy, that is, that they are enough to reimburse the fast money requested without it supposing a liquidity problem.
  • That they are monthly and lengthened in time, that is, the punctual payments will not count

The alternative income to the payroll that we can present can be, generally, a pension for retirement, the benefit for unemployment, a public or private scholarship, the rent of a property to a third party and the salary as self-employed. However, we must be aware that all lenders do not accept the previously mentioned profiles, so it is advisable to inform us before making the request.

How to get loans in minutes?

When we request money loans urgently, we hope to have the money as soon as possible. In the case of requesting it from banks, the procedures will not take more than ten days. On the other hand, in the case of private entities, we can have the money in our account in a few minutes.

The analysis and approval procedures are carried out in a few minutes and the transfers are practically made immediately once the request for the quick loan has been approved. However, there are times when transfers may take longer than we expect. Next, we show which are the variables that can influence the speed at which we will receive the urgent money:

  • Schedule: to get money urgently it is best to make the request during business hours. When dealing with online companies we can make the form at any time of the day, but the procedures will not start until the customer service hours. If we need urgent money a weekend, for example, we can go to the lenders who work 24/7.
  • Bank account: to have the money in our account as quickly as possible, the best option is to choose a quick mini credit that works with the same entity where we have our current account. Transfers between the same entity usually take place very quickly, while transfers between different entities usually take longer.

Requirements to apply for quick mini credits without paperwork

The majority of lenders who grant urgent money without papers agree as to the requirements that must be met. To expedite the process has been tried to be the minimum necessary for this type of process, although there are always exceptions. Next, the usual clauses to request a loan:

  • Reside in Spain permanently.
  • Have sufficient income: a payroll, a pension, unemployment benefit or any source of regular, sufficient and justifiable income.
  • Be of legal age: sometimes they ask for more than 21 or 25 years.
  • Not be registered in a file of defaulters such as ASNEF or RAI.

Fulfilling these simple requirements we will not have any problem to apply for urgent loans. Although we must bear in mind that if our data is registered in a file of defaulters and we decide to request urgent money with ASNEF, we can only access this type of financing if we meet another set of additional requirements:

  • That the debt does not exceed 1,000 euros, although certain companies will allow a maximum of 200 or 500 euros.
  • That does not have any connection with a bank, such as the non-payment of credit lines such as a personal loan or the installments of our credit card.

If our debt is linked to a bank or exceeds a certain amount of money, we have the option of obtaining financing if we apply for home equity loans. With this type of credit, we will not have problems to get the money we need, whatever our debt is since in order to do so we will have to present our house as a loan guarantee. We must be careful since we run the risk of losing our property in favor of the lender if we incur a default.

Is it safe to take out an urgent online loan?

It is reasonable not to trust totally in a process that we go through a machine, but we must bear in mind that behind it there is a group of people working to make it possible. It is true that, even so, we must be aware of possible scams and for example, never trust a lender who asks us for money before granting us credit, it does not make sense if precisely what we need is money.

The leading lenders work with security systems that protect our data and guarantee reliability and transparency. These systems are visible on their web pages. We can also find a small padlock, usually green (although it varies depending on our browser) next to its URL as a guarantee symbol or a letter “s” at the end of its “https: //” which means “safe”. In the event that we have any doubt about the security of the urgent online loan that we want to contact, we have the possibility to ask in forums or online chats the experiences of other users.

Purposes of urgent money without papers

Quick loans are not designed to finance a specific project, so they can be used for any purpose. In general, due to their characteristics (small amounts, short-term …), these products are usually hired to solve specific setbacks that require a virtually instantaneous response, such as avoiding bank overdrafts or paying fines or bills. In the following list we show the most common uses of urgent money without papers:

  • Domestic breakdowns: a broken washing machine, a flat tire or being trapped outside the home and having to call a locksmith can be unforeseen that unbalance our economy and require extra liquidity to solve them.
  • Health: a visit to the dentist, the eye doctor or any professional who does not cover social security can cost us dearly. Urgent money credits will help us meet these expenses without having to postpone the appointment.
  • Months of higher spending: Christmas, holidays or back to school are months when spending skyrockets. If we need extra liquidity, with the urgent money without paperwork we can divide these expenses in two months so that our finances are more balanced.
  • Purchase technology: a mobile phone or a computer are indispensable devices today, especially if our work depends on them, the quick mini-credits can help us finance them by dividing the expenses in a longer time.

As we have said before, urgent money without papers is optimal for obtaining extra liquidity at specific moments to help us resolve setbacks that require expenses that we must face immediately.